Marketing on Behalf of Solicitors for Over a Decade.

Isn't it time you joined our panel?

Fernard works closely with a panel of solicitors to deliver honest, reliable claims management services and bespoke marketing.

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Major group marketing projects headed up by Fernard.

Food Poisoning

An unparalleled marketing campaign involving national radio, major social media campaigns, huge PR presence.

This was a massively successful campaign.

Business Interruption

Our team was fast off the blocks and this project started on 18th of March 2020. Whilst many were waking up to lockdown, we had already started work on a national radio and social media campaign.

Food Poisoning UK


Slip Trips 


Social media campaigns are underway and radio commercials are being run  

Bespoke Marketing

Bespoke Marketing for individual Solicitors

You may have a project that requires marketing input from our team working just for your practice.

If so, please contact our office directly


Why Choose Fernard?

It is very simple, our marketing works.

We generate work of excellent quality and all enquiries are handled by fully trained and knowledgeable operatives. With all of our enquiries we ask the questions and only collate the information given to us by Claimant.

You may have a new field of law that you would like us to market for.

Let's get together and see if we can make the project work for you .

Focus on performance!

We thrive on marketing projects that are destined for success. We aim for great margins with projects that are socially supportive and of  interest to the general public.


Our goal is to work with you to make your business grow.


To provide a first-class marketing strategy to the benefit of all concerned whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.


We see ourselves completing great projects with people of integrity.

Highly professional experienced team with a single focus!

We accomplish our goals through insightful assessments of current market trends using astute and highly effective team-work. 

You may find working with Fernard to be a very different experience from working with other claims management companies

If you wish to speak with  Fernard about joining the panel simply fill out your details on our enquiry form and we will be in touch. 

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